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You both took my breath away as well as my traveling companion. We actually stopped and told you, in Costa Maya. I have mucho appreciation for your skills as a former gymnast - I know what it takes. Don't ever stop. Many blessings.

Maureen B.

Norwegian Pearl 2018

Your performances were breathtaking! My husband and I were sooo impressed by what the two of you could do and the choreography! You are beautiful together!

Wendy S.

Norwegian Pearl 2019

We are home in Texas once again, but can't stop thinking about the two of you and your wonderful performances, but especially meeting the two of you and getting to know a little bit about you. You bring so much joy into our lives and we look forward to seeing you again on another trip! May you have blessed travels.

Donna and Bob S.

Norwegian Pearl 2019

Yesterday, Show performance in the Explorer of the Seas was outstanding. Keep the good work.

I really enjoyed the entire show.


Darwin P.

RCCL Explorer of the Seas 2021

Just wanted to say my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed your act on the NCL Gem this week. Thank you!  Tammy and I were just talking and reminiscing about how good your act was. We both felt it was the best that week!

Paul F.

Norwegian Gem 2021

You guys absolutely rocked it tonight on the Independence!! Mesmerising performance xxx

Louise D.

RCCL Independence of the Seas 2017

We had the pleasure of seeing this amazing couple on a Panama Canal Cruise.  Recommend you go see them perform.  You too, will be amazed!

Craig B.

Norwegian Pearl 2019

I’m watching a show about greatest performers, and I thought of you both. Your performance was more captivating. Your talents are magnificent!

Wendy S.

Norwegian Pearl 2019

Saw your show (twice) on the "Pearl". Front row the second time.  Bought the DVD'S so I could watch over and over. You're playing continually on my TV.  Most of my neighbors have now seen it. No, they cannot borrow the DVD's.

Lloyd M.

Norwegian Pearl 2019

We saw your show last night on the Norwegian Pearl Cruise and it was AMAZING! I just wanted to let you know my family of 14 people loved it! Your sound track is amazing as well! Thanks again! You both are great!

Gina G.

Norwegian Pearl 2019

I don’t know if you remember us. My husband John and I sat at a dining table next to you on Explorer last week and had a wonderful conversation with you. We saw your fabulous show tonight at last, close up in row 5. Both of us were really moved by it. We loved your choice of music, your beautiful smiles and grace, and the thrill of it all. But most of all, it’s the way the connection between you translates on the stage. The portion with the Unchained Melody left my eyes dripping with tears. You have a special gift in each other. We were lucky to witness it AFTER we met you. It will remain the highlight of our cruise.

Cheryl and John Y.

RCCL Explorer of the Seas 2021

One of the very best performances I have ever seen !!!!

Cheryl Y.

March 2018

Your show on NCL Pearl wss beyond incredible, and you're a nice couple!

Gabriel C.

Norwegian Pearl 2022


passionate/talented done with respect and

love = perfect

Evan F.

Norwegian Pearl 2018

We were lucky enough to see your performance tonight on the Norwegian Pearl. It was outstanding, thank you so much for a wonderful evening. You are fantastic!

Vic and Sue F.

Norwegian Pearl 2019

I was on the Norwegian Pearl this February with my boyfriend and saw your show. It was the highlight of my time on the boat. There wasn't really much for young adults under the legal drinking age to do on the ship. And out of the few Things we could do, we really didn't want to. Out of all the shows each night, yours had me the most interested. Don't get me wrong the magic guy and bud Anderson were great. But you guys were a thrill. Those sort of stunts take major strength and agility and you don't get the credit you deserve. 12/10 I would definetly come see you guys again if I ever get the amazing opportunity to do so again.  Ps. The fact you guys are engaged added so much to the show. It just added so much connection and grace to it. And also. That must be pretty damn hard to do some ballsy stunts with the ship rocking so bad. Keep up the great work, you guys are amazing.

Hannah S.

Norwegian Pearl 2018

We met you on the last cruise we were on. We found you to be the most wonderful act on the ship. Not to mention your personalities.  Hope to see you again. Your performances are so breathtaking!

Warren and Dianne M.

Norwegian Gem 2018

I recently just saw your performance on the gem and it was absolutely incredible. the grace and power you both contain is so beautiful to watch and your performances were very moving.  You guys are astounding!

Riley M.

Norwegian Gem 2018

Megan and Andy, 

Just returned from a two week Panama Canal cruise on the Norwegian Pearl. Had the pleasure of seeing your shows. Just wanted you to know I think you guys are amazing and I so enjoyed your shows. Hope to see you again sometime in the future.

Joyce M.

Norwegian Pearl 2018

Hi there, Karin here! I’m the lady who came up to you at Starbucks on the Norwegian Gem and told you how great of an act you and your wife are! I’m glad I found you on Facebook, I wish you all the best and please know that when you feel or it seems people aren’t clapping their jaws are dropping and they’re in awe of how you are performing out there!!!! BEST show and entertainment we’ve seen in years!

Karin S. 

Norwegian Gem 2021

I just wanted to say that my husband and I went on the Norwegian gem for the June 23rd cruise and we saw your show. it was excellent and the two of you were fantastic. my husband and I loved your story and how you met, your training and your blooper reel. we really just wanted to let you know how fabulous we thought the show was. it was amazing what you could do and I only can imagine how much training you guys do. it's well worth it. we live in Pennsylvania and I used to go to Dresden, Ohio frequently with friends to tour the Longaberger basket company. we would drive right through wheeling, west Virginia so it was nice hearing where you are from. thanks again for a great show and maybe we'll get to see you on another cruise in the future.

Melissa P.

Norwegian Gem 2018

You guys had the best show. Saw a similar one on AGT. Not as good!

Tom J. 

Norwegian Pearl 2018

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