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Megan was born and raised in Wheeling, West Virginia where her parents started her in dance along with her little sister at the age of three.  She grew up taking gymnastics and training and competing in all styles of dance at her local studio.  After graduation from high school, she attended West Virginia University as a forensic chemistry major and joined WVU’s dance team.  In January of her freshman year, she auditioned for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines on a whim with a friend and was unexpectedly offered a dancer position in one of their ship’s production casts.  In her ten contracts with the company, she traveled all over the world performing for thousands of people, was first exposed to aerial work and the art of flying, and most importantly was introduced to her now fiancé.  

2010 - present


Andy is originally from London, England and started dancing at the age of six with his older sister.  In his early days, he trained mainly in disco and street dance.  After attending Havering College for two years, he decided he wanted to further his training and gained a full scholarship for a three-year musical theatre course at Bird College.  After graduating in 2009, he auditioned for Royal Caribbean’s Hairspray, the Musical and was chosen to be part of the original cast on the Oasis of the Seas.  He never thought he would continue working on cruise ships after that, but after his first experience he fell in love with traveling the world.

2010 - present


Although Andy and Megan had both worked for RCCL for several years, their paths didn’t cross until 2011, when they met in rehearsals for the Splendour of the Seas and were paired together as ballroom partners and members of the original Centrum Wow aerial cast.  Not long after, they began dating and as their careers progressed so did their relationship.  In 2015, they got engaged and decided they were ready for a new challenge.  They chose to take some time to pursue their aerial training further and spent 18 months creating their very own headliner show.  They were married in 2019, and are now performing together as Duo Quintessence, an aerial acrobatic specialty act that can offer anything from a 5-minute feature to a full 45-minute production!

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